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When it comes to perfumes and cosmetics, every woman becomes obsessed. It is something that every woman must have in order to be beautiful and confident. They have so many essentials such as jewelry, accessories, phones, and clothing, but the most valuable are cosmetics and perfumes. The majority of women cannot do without perfumes and cosmetics and that is why they spend a lot of money to buy different types of perfumes and cosmetics. They are particular about the company they buy their products from and the quality as well. It must all be excellent.

Cosmetics as a product have a great effect on every woman, it makes them different and beautiful. Just in case someone has slept for a long time and by the time she wakes up her eyes are swollen. Applying cosmetics will make you look fresh and ready for the day. Women who have pimples on their face sometimes worry about their appearance. Quality cosmetics can make them go away in no time and everyone will be wondering what kind of products you used.

Every woman likes to have a good scent; it is one of the things that makes a woman confident. The fragrances come in different collections and each has its own fragrance. There are many reasons why women like to wear perfume, first it makes them feel feminine, it complements the whole outfit and it increases their self-esteem. Even if a woman puts on expensive clothes without perfume or cosmetics, she may consider it a waste of time. They usually keep updating their beauty dryers because they never want to run out of product.

Scent is a great feature on a woman’s character; you will smell her by her scent as she walks through the hallways of the various offices. It is the joy of every woman to attract a large group of men as her scent lingers. Perfumes work in different ways; it can change a woman’s mood from being peaceful to sad if she is annoyed. Discover a woman’s sense of class through the scent she wears.

The right cosmetics will make you look great and that is why every time women have a date, you will be visiting bathrooms frequently to apply more makeup. It gives a different look and you will feel fresh. It stimulates you and you will feel more dynamic and enjoy the evening. When it comes to special occasions, every woman will apply perfume and cosmetics. They want to look different from the usual, a glimpse of them may make you wonder how suddenly they have changed. Every man would like to see a beautiful woman; avoid so many cosmetics that you end up looking angry. The right cosmetic and scent will make you feel mentally healthy and add a glow to your face. Makeup is all a woman needs, it works wonders even when you are feeling so tired and frustrated. Just apply it proportionately and you feel like the world is yours.

One thing that you should not take into account when it comes to perfumes is that there are synthetic and organic fragrances. Synthetic fragrances are generally the majority and have side effects due to the artificial components used. They are cheap due to the ingredients which are not that genuine. The ingredients used include propylene glycol, benzene derivatives as well as phthalates.

Organic fragrances differ from synthetic manufacturers in that they are an authentic scent, if you get the difference between the two you will never look back. Synthetic fragrances have a strong smell that will be gone in no time. Natural perfumes have a long-standing smell and many people can easily recognize them because of the smell you usually wear. Don’t buy something because it’s cheap you won’t feel the need for it and that’s why they say cheap things never last. Organic perfumes may seem expensive but are worth buying. Real perfumes can be purchased online, those in stores are hard to find. Natural fragrances can be mixed with others and the match is perfect, when you try this with synthetic fragrances the result is not the best as you may have a headache and hate yourself. With natural scents, they have no side effects. Improve your appearance with the best perfumes and cosmetics.

A Complete Guide to Cosmetics and Perfume Dealers in Uganda

Avis Beauty Products Ltd.

Kampala Road King Fahd Plaza 11761, Kampala Kampala


Pleasure supplies

Kampala Road Central Building 22402, Kampala Kampala

041-4258704, 078-2925082

Movit Products Ltd.

Entebbe Road Zana-Bunamwaya 27109, Kampala Kampala

039-2736801 / 2

Wispro (U) Ltd.

M524 Industrial Zone of Ntinda 10274, Kampala Kampala

041-4286100, 041-4287235 / 6, 031-2264100

RAA Ltd.

14 Bombo Road 22784, Kampala Kampala


Uganda Kwefuga African Industry Ltd.

256 Kiggala Road Nateete 15065, Kampala Kampala

041-4272951 / 2

Samona products

24321, Kampala Kampala

077-2401879, 077-2497560

Vaselux (U) SA

2/204 Bombo Road Kawempe 758, Kampala Kampala

041-4567003 / 6/7, 077-2423775

Uganda Klere Industries Ltd.

13 1st Street Industrial Area 31304, Kampala Kampala


Oriflame (U) East Africa Ltd.

Kampala Kampala


Barakah Beauty Products Ltd.

Koob Road Namanve – Seeta 25407, Kampala Kampala

041-4291331, 039-2840166

Britania Cosmetics Ltd.

8 / 8A Close 7518, Kampala Kampala

041-4220577, 041-4220590

Unilever (U) Ltd.

10/12 Nyondo Close Bugolobi 3515, Kampala Kampala


Kabale Busega store

2 Wilson Road 21336, Kampala Kampala


Ultimate Cosmetics Shop of Charms

4 Kampala Road next to Master Bakers 3378, Kampala Kampala


Nile Cosmetics (U) Ltd.

10/18 7th Street Industrial Area 5454, Kampala Kampala

041-4342025, 031-2262728

Hanifa & Brothers Ltd.

39 Luwum ​​Opp Street. Vieux Taxi Park 12265, Kampala Kampala


Pharmacy Eris Ltée

10, rue Luwum ​​9559, Kampala Kampala




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