The Best Ways to Look Younger With Hair Color, According to Tracey Cunningham


When celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham shares information, anyone looking to improve their hairstyle is listening. And, after 20 years in the industry, J. Lo’s go-to colourist Emma Stone, Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel, to name a few, has just launched her first book, “True color”(Available on Amazon) for providing Hollywood-approved home tips and tricks. We recently caught up with Cunningham on Zoom – yes, she even has some solid advice for following that ‘midlife gray’ – to get a glimpse of how we mere mortals can replicate her hair color magic.

The backlight trick

Cunningham says that it doesn’t matter if you’re brunette, redhead or blonde, her number one tip for looking younger with hair color is to put babylights around the hairline. (Bonus: she also notes that it’s not a huge investment.) “Just little tiny, very, very fine, fine highlights around the hairline, and maybe a few sprinkled where you separate, ”she said. “It really makes a difference, because it almost backlit you. If you notice that when you look at a real brunette toddler her hair is always a bit lighter around the hairline, so is a redhead.

Imagine this

One of Cunningham’s famous salon prep moves is asking clients to bring in younger photos of themselves so she can see where their color started. She finds that when she reproduces this shade, it gives amazing results. “Sometimes I’ll ask, ‘Were you a towhead? Were you super blonde? Were you this? It was you ? Did you have natural shade? ‘ I ask questions and sometimes they bring me a photo. I don’t make it mandatory, but I should!

Less is more

Like most things in life, Cunningham points out that overdoing your hair is not a good idea. “Above all, it’s too much. Less is more, even when it comes to hair color.

Product set

Cunningham does not hesitate to name his favorite hair product: Olaplex No 3 Hair Perfector. “It’s so amazing. I can’t stress enough, if there is one product you should buy, this is it.

Gray days

While hair color is her career, Cunningham is also the first to admit that not everyone wants to spend every month behind the chair. “I know it’s no fun! I have an entire chapter in my book on grays and it is absolutely beautiful. It’s like life, it’s so amazing. I can’t even explain it. These girls are beautiful with their silver hair and they are young. I love to look at the patterns of gray hair. When you look at these beautiful silver sisters, if they have a lot in front of them, it’s so pretty. It’s like the biggest highlight – can’t explain it, but I love looking at the designs created with gray hair. They are almost like perfect highlights.

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