The 16 Best Red Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2022


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From Shay Mitchell’s new bronzed brunette locks and Sydney Sweeney’s sometimes strawberry hue to Kendall Jenner’s surprise debut of a copper bun on the Prada runway earlier this year, it’s safe to say that red hair knows a rebirth. Scrolling through Instagram and TikTok will only support this theory, yielding even more red hair color ideas and style inspiration.

“Red hair is so appealing because it evokes confidence,” says Brittany Johnson, licensed hairstylist and senior content manager for Mayvenn. “It makes the wearer bold, free and ready to take on whatever the day throws at them.” Leland Olson, color and design master at KEVIN.MURPHY, agrees. “Red hair just has this way of standing out because of the vibrancy, the appeal of ‘Who is it?

Meet our experts: Brittany Johnson, Licensed Stylist and Senior Content Manager for Mayvenn, Leland Olson, Color and Design Master at KEVIN.MURPHY

If you can get behind these vibes and are considering making a change, be it subtle or adventurous, take a look at some upcoming red hair color ideas.

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Get your color inspiration from redhead Amy Adams when she wears a slightly darker shade, as seen on the red carpet here. “The more natural auburn shades of red tend to be the easiest to maintain because they’re not as bright or vibrant, which makes growing out much more natural,” says Olson.

If you’ve been dark brown for as long as you can remember, take a page from Shay Mitchell’s beauty book and venture into crimson territory.

“Her hair is a perfect example of a rich red-brown that’s a great introduction to red hair while also feeling super versatile,” Johnson says.

Olson thinks that touch of red gives the Pretty little Liars alum some extra cheek. “Shay has been traditionally brunette for a long time, so seeing her go to the brassy side makes her feel edgy, almost more editorial with her new hair color,” he says.

“One of the misconceptions about red hair is that it only works on people with warmer undertones,” Johnson says. “The good news is there are reds that work on anyone – just like red lipstick, reds that have cooler undertones work on those with cool undertones in their skin. .”

Ask your colorist for recommendations based on your undertones, which Olson says you can determine by looking at your veins in your wrists.

“When we look at the veins on our wrists in natural light, if you can’t tell whether your veins are green or blue, it usually indicates that you have a neutral complexion, capable of pulling out any type of red,” he said. “If you can tell they’re green, you show you have a warmer complexion, and if you can tell they’re blue or purple, you lean toward a cooler complexion.”

There’s nothing prettier than a natural, classic russet red – think Julianne Moore or Jessica Chastain (and even Julia Roberts, who’s nailed the “natural” bottle red look since her A pretty woman days or Emma Stone, who has done the same since she starred in super bad). This can be a difficult shade to replicate and maintain, especially if you go DIY, but it’s doable and sure to grab attention in a room full of brunettes and blondes.

Singer Chloe Bailey went ruby ​​red a few years ago, and this color is sure to pop more for those looking to get extra daring. Johnson loves this shade but points out that, in many cases, you could be in the salon chair more often (and potentially stocking up on home care products to keep your color between appointments) if you opt for a fiery hue.

“Hues that are predominantly red and have more of that tone than other pigments, such as a bright red – think ‘stop sign’ sheen – are going to be more maintenance intensive than a hue that is red. more subtly,” she says. “That’s because red hues often fade faster than other color pigments, so they need to be toned or refreshed more often.”


Small steps with Babylights

“To get away with a little less maintenance while achieving your red color fantasy, try asking your stylist to slowly transition into the color family or play with balayage or babylights that are redder than your base color,” says Johnson.

If you’re looking for a subtle, low-maintenance red and your hair is pretty light, go for a strawberry red hue akin to the one Sydney Sweeney sported last summer.

“It gives off just enough warmth to be soft and fun, but steers away from being brassy,” says Johnson. “This shade is fantastic as a base shade or as a tone to bring out your highlights.”

Johnson also notes that, for blondes in particular, strawberry is an easy color to go red with, seasonally or otherwise.

Another easy way to remove red? “For clients who want a lower maintenance red, I suggest going no more than two levels lighter than your natural hair color,” Olson says, just like Phoebe Dynevor did with her hair, as shown here. “This will help create more seamless growth, making your salon visits less frequent.”

Paramore singer Hayley Williams knows all about red hair. After all, she’s been rocking different shades of red for over a decade now and even co-founded a semi-permanent hair color company, Good Dye Young, a few years ago. Her signature shade? A striking orange-red, almost fluorescent, both playful and pretty. She also often accentuates this hue with chunky blonde highlights or simply pairs her hair accessories and outfits with her cream-colored locks.

Earlier this year, Kendall Jenner went bright and lively with this warm, mid-tone rust color that’s very versatile but a bit lighter than her natural dark locks. Tiny face-framing braids accentuate the shine, making it look like Jenner has multi-dimensional, glossy highlights in her red hue as well.

If going completely red seems like too much of a commitment for you right now, you can always take a page from Bella Hadid’s book and get yourself some “silver coin” highlights to frame the face.

Brown is total vibes, and you can match your hair to a nice burgundy hue if you’re looking for something with a bit of drama. Burgundy can be tricky, so hire a professional to find your best shade, whether it’s cabernet or cranberry. Blondes may need to go darker first to avoid a rosy tint, while those with darker hair will likely need a bit of lightening for the brown effect to be pronounced.

In an Instagram photo from earlier this year, Euphoria star Barbie Ferreira rocks a 50s housewife vibe with wavy red hair that she styled in a light pink fur-trimmed coat. Sure, this look is a bit dressy, but you can always modernize its groovy hue with a simpler style if you like.

Ferreira’s Elder Euphoria costar, Zendaya also embraced seeing herself in red. She arrived at the 2018 Met Gala with a red-orange curly bob and blunt bangs.

Lourdes Leon has never shied away from wearing sunset-colored braids, from fire truck red to flame orange. Her latest look though – a more subtle dark brown to red ombré – has serious mahogany tones reminiscent of a cherry cola. You can try this look temporarily by layering a red color deposit mask over dark hair.

In 2021, model Gigi Hadid explained via Instagram that she was inspired to dye her hair a russet red after binge-watching The Queen’s Bet on Netflix. A few months later, she debuted an even bolder shade.

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