The 10 best hair color removers and correctors of 2021



Christine Giordano

No matter how much you search for store bought hair dye or how much you explain to your stylist that you want 2001 era Jennifer Aniston highlights not 2003, sometimes your hair color just doesn’t match. what you expected. But whether it’s a home dye job gone awry or you just aren’t in love with your latest salon locks, hair color mistakes can be fixed – and you can’t. you don’t even have to grow your hair out or wait months for dyeing. fade away.

“The biggest demand for color removal is when the results are too dark or off-beat,” says Mark DeBolt, a famous colorist and co-founder of the Mark Ryan Salon in New York City. “After quarantine, we had many requests to remove the colors that had become too dark from coloring at home. Customers may also look for color removal when the highlights have been too cold or too dark, leading to a gray or greenish tint.

It’s usually not a problem to remove most colors, but black dyes and vibrant dyes, like blue, green, and purple, are usually more difficult, if not impossible. “Dark hair color is the hardest, and sometimes it will break before it fades completely, so you have to be extra careful,” warns famous colorist Rita Hazan. “If the removal is done correctly, it shouldn’t damage your hair. However, if you had black hair and turned blond and then dark again, you will definitely get some damage. In most cases, when the hair is healthy, you can re-color it immediately after removing the color, but it can distort the color and make the hair too dark. “It’s never a pretty color underneath, and it usually takes a lot of corrective color afterwards,” Hazan warns.

While DeBolt and Hazan recommend leaving color removal to the professionals, especially if you’re looking to avoid unpredictable results, there are a number of at-home products that can help make the process easier. Read on for some better choices.

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Color Oops Extra Hair Color Remover Conditioner

Hair coloring can be incredibly drying, and this is even more true when removing color, so it’s important to keep your locks as hydrated as possible. This is what makes this best-selling Color Oops nail polish remover so awesome. With moisturizing ingredients, like soy protein and aloe vera, the formula will prevent hair damage as it quickly and effectively removes semi-permanent and permanent color.


Malibu quick fix for color correction

$ 3.99

A DeBolt favorite, Malibu C’s color correction is designed to correct color a bit off-beat rather than removing it altogether. “The crystals work to subtly remove shine that has been treated too dark or to slowly begin to remove excess color deposit,” explains the colourist. “All Malibu products contain vitamin C which decouples the permanent dye molecules, which works wonders for many correction scenarios and leaves hair in great shape.”


Sephora Collection Heat Activated Color Fader

Great for toning down overly dark or bold semi-permanent colors, this color fader will do exactly as the name suggests: blend it into a softer shade without damaging the hair or stripping it of its natural color. Simply mix a sachet of powder with water and shake to turn the mixture into a gel, then work it into the hair and put on a shower cap before brushing to activate it.


Good Dye Young Semi-Permanent Color Corrector

If you’re looking to blur your color to a lighter shade but don’t want to remove it completely, Good Dye Young’s fader is just what you need. The vegan, cruelty-free cream formula acts as a super nourishing hair mask and blending medium, conditioning hair while blending color.


Joico Gum Size Hair Color Intensity

Formulated to erase even the most stubborn, vivid colors, this one-step remover is enriched with keratin to deeply hydrate and strengthen hair while lifting the dye. Simply apply to your strands and leave on for 30 minutes to remove color and leave hair healthy and ready for its next dramatic transformation.


Revolution Haircare Hair Color Remover

Bleach and ammonia free, this kit is perfect if it’s not your first hair coloring rodeo. The remover not only tackles unwanted semi-permanent and permanent dye, but also product build-up and pollution, and the included conditioner leaves hair nourished, thanks to hydrating baobab oil.


Scruples remove permanent hair color removal

This heavy-duty color remover from Scruples is ideal for hard-to-remove permanent stains, whether it’s a bright, glossy pastel or a dark black. As powerful as it is, the remover also uses the powers of avocado oil, bamboo oil, and a protective complex to minimize damage and dryness. You can tailor this product to your exact needs by adjusting the mixing ratio, with more water for slight color removal or less water for complete color removal.


Color X-Change Phase-Out Gentle Bleach + Intensive Hair Mask

Similar to a leave-in conditioner, Color X-Change Bleach & Hair Mask is ideal for those looking to remove one color before re-coloring it with another. Simply mix the bleach crystals with water to form a gel, then apply it to freshly washed, towel-dried hair and leave it on overnight (or at least eight hours). After that you can leave the hair as it is or apply a new color and then use the intensive hair mask to lock everything in.


Colorfix Argan Oil Make-Up Remover

Specially formulated to remove permanent dye, this three-step system is powerful enough to target a fresh color or a color that has been in the hair for some time. With customizable options based on your hair length and density, as well as your hair removal goals, One ‘n Only Colorfix can offer full or light color corrections, and it will leave hair looking healthy and conditioned, thanks to the added argan oil.


Roux Clean Touch Hair Remover

Perfect for the multitasking among us, this remover does two things: remove color buildup on your tips and clean dye stains from your skin or clothing. Thoroughly rub the creamy formula on your tips to lift the extra dye so they don’t appear darker than the rest of your hair, or dab it on your scalp, hair, neck, or clothing to get rid of quickly stain. Try not to overdo it with this one, as the remover contains ammonia and should not be used on your hair.

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