Texen: A range of packaging solutions for responsible makeup products



Texen’s new eco-designed R’Mascara shows 21% reduction in fossil fuels and illustrates the “Reduce” strategy as well as the expertise of the Texen Lab and the Texen Mayet factory. The Lab is testing new materials, thus allowing the factory, whose technological expertise is recognized in the manufacture of mascaras, to move on to the industrial stage by adopting materials from post-consumer recycling (PCR). Thus, the cap and the mascara bottle are made of R-PET while the stem and the wiper are made of PP-PCR. Supplied by Ponzini, the brush is based on polyamide fibers derived from castor oil.

The environmental impact of R’Mascara, also based on Recycle R, is subject to a life cycle analysis using the e-Dea software. This solution has been designed in the most universal dimension possible to adapt to the greatest number of applications. Offered with the widest range of brushes possible, it will be available from Q1 2020, with sample availability in January. A version based on bio-sourced materials is currently being evaluated by Texen Lab.

Regarding lipsticks, Texen is banking on the “Reuse” strategy with a rechargeable slimstick. Made of ABS, its mechanism can be easily unlocked to replace the product. Presented in plastic in its standard version, it can be made of aluminum. The refill can also be supplied in plastic or aluminum and contains no glue or lubricant.

The reuse strategy was also used to create a standard 8ml refillable pen for perfumes. Texen originally developed the pen for Mugler perfumes. The refill cartridge slides easily into the pen. Thanks to the push button at the bottom of the cartridge, a simple click is enough to distribute the right dose on the area to be perfumed. This pen may be suitable for products other than perfume and may receive different applicators depending on the formula (care, make-up, etc.).



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