Princess Diana News: ‘She Was Very Trusting’ at Diana’s Makeup Artist Vogue Cover Preview



To commemorate the Princess of Wales and her 60th birthday, her friend and makeup artist Mary Greenwell appeared on This Morning.

“Forget all the curtsy and stuff, she sat in the chair and let us all do what we wanted with her.”

When asked by Phillip Schofield if Diana had a specific brand style she wanted, Mary replied “no”.

She said, “She has always been very confident.”

Diana liked red lips, the expert said on occasion, preferring a deep red.

The dress is believed to be worth £ 31,000 in today’s money.

Diana’s youngest son Prince Harry returned to the UK to witness the unveiling of Diana’s statue today.

An expert has claimed that the “dazzling” Prince Harry is back.

Judi James told “He kicked off the ‘dazzling’ version of Harry that fans missed, meeting winners and celebrities with the same level of lively entertainment, clearly choosing his moments to create smiles. contagious and when to use active listening cues to register empathy and concern.

“The cheeky smile was back, with its slightly protruding lower jaw and narrowed eyes suggesting genuine fun having fun with the younger ones.”



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