Jerry Hall ditching his signature blonde and adopting the hair color of the moment


Ever since she’s stopping the world with her bombshell looks, Jerry Hall has been synonymous with her curtain of platinum blonde waves. But proving that the lockdown has prompted a lot of people to do a 180 with a dramatic dye job, the six-foot-tall Texas model has a whole new look above the neck.

“I just want to have fun, I want to experiment,” Hall told the colourist. Alex Brownsell, co-founder and creative director of Bleach London, earlier this month, when she decided, for the very first time, to ditch her signature blonde and go red. And not just any red either. But the new hair color of the moment, a bold copper, punctuated with a single faded strand that frames the face reminiscent of the big 90s highlights a la Geri Halliwell. “I wanted my hair to be as shiny as I feel celebrating the release of the lockdown,” Hall said. Vogue of the momentum behind her new shade, adding that she is also thrilled with the new US flagship salon at Bleach London in Los Angeles, which her daughter Georgia May Jagger co-owns.

Photo: Alex Brownsell

To create the look, Brownsell toned up Hall’s blonde base with Super Tonic with Champagne and followed by a new grade of copper launched next month. To recreate a similar tone, Brownsell recommends mixing the golden Just like honey with bright orange Mandarin dream semi-permanent dyes to achieve the perfect blend of crimson and citrus tones. “Red and copper are traditionally colors for excitement and danger,” says Brownsell. “People want to be noticed and having a brass is definitely a way. It’s not as drastic as going for a full and powerful tone. It’s still portable and manageable.” While many of us negotiate what we want to look (and feel!) Coming out of lockdown this summer, Hall provides ample inspiration for a dynamic yet accessible hair change that signals a new lease of life.

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