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Ask anyone to describe a millennial and they’ll all say the same thing: avocado on toast, plant mums obsessed with impostor syndrome and side parting (and if it’s between September and December, probably a pumpkin and spice latte too).

When it comes to beauty preferences, millennials would be just as predictable. Makeup is all about full coverage foundation, contouring, and powerful eyebrows. Skin care consists of a ten-step routine supplemented with many self-tanners.

The fragrance choices range from the tailoring options of the most elite fashion houses (think Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and I love Dior) at the niche, known cult favorites (Byredo Gypsy Water, Eccentric Molecules 01 and The Sandalwood Lab 33).

As interest in millennial culture continues to grow, attention has shifted to the next generation, Gen Z, which includes anyone born between 1996 and around 2015. Gen Z, or Zoomers, is known for its pragmatism, inclusive vision and, of course, TikTok dances. They prefer more natural looking makeup with a less is more approach to products. But what about their scents?

“I think there is a huge assumption that younger people only like lighter scents, but Gen Z is a sophisticated group of young people who want to learn and become connoisseurs of scents,” says Michelle Feeney, founder of Flowered street, which are known to create beautifully balanced fine fragrances at an affordable price.

“They are also looking for brands that are independent and aligned with their personal values ​​and ethics,” she notes. “They choose Floral Street fragrances because we are sustainable and led by our founders, delivering ‘clean’ fragrances with ingredients traceable from source to fragrance.”

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That’s not to say that Zoomers aren’t interested in big, blockbuster fragrances either. Online retailer Look Fantastic lists Carolina Herrera Good Girl as good as Jimmy Choo Flash among its best-selling perfumes for the population, both appreciated for their sensual and rich jasmine notes.

Whether it’s brand ethics, a specific ingredient or a unique bottle, here are the most popular fragrances among Generation Z …



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