Create a start-up or reconcile professional and private life? SUGAR Cosmetics CEO says the ‘struggle’ of being an entrepreneur is ‘real’

SUGAR Cosmetics CEO Vineeta Singh has dedicated years of her life to building a strong brand from the ground up.

From founding the local cosmetics brand to becoming one of “Shark Tank India’s” favorite investors, Singh’s entrepreneurial journey has not been easy.

On Thursday, the entrepreneur-investor earned her LinkedIn Influencer badge and decided to share her life story with her nearly 132,000 followers to inspire them to leave a legacy behind.

In her detailed post, the 38-year-old revealed that she intended to start a lingerie business fifteen years ago. “Although this business plan never saw the light of day, in all of my interactions with industry experts and venture capitalists, I realized something…”

Singh shared that while it’s hard to build a brand, it’s even harder when female entrepreneurs have to build a brand for women.

One of the challenges these female leaders face is the lack of role models and representation, which can help shape their ambitions.

One can struggle building a startup or surviving a work-life balance, but Singh said there’s nothing wrong with feeling discouraged or unbreakable while striving for excellence in one’s life. career.

“The struggle is real. And we will embrace it. And we will tame it,” she wrote.

Talking about the difficulties she faced during her entrepreneurial journey, the boss said that SUGAR Cosmetics – founded in 2012 – survived various kinds of challenges including prejudices and stereotypes over the past seven years.

Singh shared what she’s learned from her past experiences, “The best way to give back is to pay it forward – and to share real stories of what it was like to start building SUGAR – long before D2C ( directly to the consumer) is cool.”

With her stories, the EconomicTimes 40Under40 said she hopes her experiences will resonate with many aspiring entrepreneurs on LinkedIn and “inspire a few of them to rise above what seems unbreakable.”


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