Brunette Hair Color: Brownie Batter Brunette is the chicest way to add dimension to dark hair


If you’re looking to change the color of your brunette hair or just want to swap out your hair care routine for something more easy to maintain, Brownie Brownie Dough could be your perfect hair color partner. Combining the best of deep chocolate tones with face-framing highlights and delicate dimension, the brownie batter look is rich, universally flattering and easy to maintain. It’s no wonder he’s already trending on TikTok.

“Dough Brownie brown hair is a rich chocolate tone, about a level four to five at the roots,” says Ashleigh Marie Rancilio, colorist at Meché Salon. Charm, while the mid-lengths through to the end remain warm and neutral in tone. But what really sets the look apart is its dramatic scale, as well as its low maintenance despite looking so luxurious. “This hair color trend has a soft silver blonde part and some highlights around the face,” adds Jennifer Korab, hairstylist and owner of Renaissance Salon & Spa. “He can also have softer blonde chunks in the hair while mostly maintaining the rich brown look.”

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Translation? Brownie brown hair is one of the easiest and chicest ways to take your hair out of summer mode and ready for fall and winter without too much damage. That’s why so many beauty enthusiasts — and TikTok users — are obsessed with the look.

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This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originated.

If you’ve been swayed (I know I have), here’s how to get a brownie batter brunette yourself: “Ask for a rich brunette hair color at the salon, like a chocolate or caramel, along with ‘a soft balayage and a subtle silver piece,’ says Korab, noting that you should follow with full frosting. If you prefer a more accented finish, however, Rancilio recommends emphasizing that you want a “dimensional” brunette with face-framing highlights.

As for general maintenance? It depends on how you like your hair to be highlighted, as well as your dedication to aesthetics. That said, you can get away with pretty minimal maintenance, says Rancilio. Plan to refresh your highlights every six to nine months and maintain tone with glosses every eight weeks or so. If you prefer a bolder, brighter look, feel free to refresh your highlights every six to eight weeks.


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