Billie Eilish Favorite Scent: The Exact Scents Billie Eilish Wears



Billie Eilish is no longer the only one who is “happier than ever”; we’re about to smell like her so TBH we’re pretty ecstatic too. Yes, you guessed it, Eilish has announced the incredibly exciting launch of her first fragrance.

“Perfumes have been one of my greatest joys in life, and I’ve always wanted to make one,” Eilish revealed in an interview with Vogue, noting that this drop of perfume will be a little different from the type “celebrity-names-plastered-through-the-smells-they-might-not-even-deal-with-just-because-them- -people-will buy it “. In fact, she has a genuine love for the perfume profession: “and not as Billie Eilish, not as an artist, not as a singer; I wanted to make a perfume to have a perfume, “she explained.” It has nothing to do with me, I just mark it for people to see. “

So what can you expect? A “hot, caramel, smooth, velvety thing” deliciously gourmet according to Eilish. Uh, delicious. “I’ve always been in love with vanilla, ever since I was a kid and my mom taught me how to cook – vanilla is such a beloved scent,” she shared on: the middle note. “But, for me, it was really what I felt like I wanted to smell, and just my favorite scent.”

But while the vanilla note itself may not ring like any revolutionary, Eilish was after a very specific version of it, and it did not rest until it was found. “I went everywhere, I went to Macy’s, I went to a perfumer, I went duty free everywhere on tour and I never found anything,” she said. “I literally ordered seven different vanilla scents from Amazon, random brands, just to find the scent I was looking for. And like, I did… ”she revealed.



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