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A good waterproof mascara is a holy grail makeup product. Long, voluminous lashes are the fastest way to look more alert and finish your eyeshadow job, but panda eyes are never far from normal formulas.

Waterproof options are well known and loved for their endurance, and as the weather gets warmer and we always wear face masks, it’s critical to find one that won’t stain, clump, or spread out. not or does not flake. .

Over the past few weeks, we’ve put waterproof products to the test and narrowed them down to the top nine, each evaluating their strength, ease of application, types of wands and bristles, and ease of removal. . .

Since they are designed to be water resistant, we recommend using a specific eye makeup remover or a cleanser with a rich texture, such as balm or oil, to remove any drops and avoid dreaded panda eyes. .

Covering luxury brands and budget beauty purchases, we’ve tested these products during showers, facials, sunny days, and even in the shower to find the best waterproof mascara you can buy.

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The best waterproof mascaras for 2021 are:

  • Best overall – Bobbi Brown Stain Resistant Mascara: £ 25.50,
  • Ideal for lengthening – Byredo mascara tears in the rain: £ 35,
  • Ideal for adding volume – Milk Makeup waterproof kush mascara: £ 24,
  • Ideal for holding a loop – Sensational Waterproof Maybelline Lash Mascara: £ 9.99,
  • Ideal for sensitive eyes – Clinique Impact Resistant Mascara: £ 21,
  • Ideal for short eyelashes – L’Oréal Paris Air Volume Mega Waterproof Mascara: £ 10.99,
  • Best budget option – Rimmel London scandaleyes volume-on-demand waterproof mascara: £ 8.49,
  • Ideal for weddings – Chanel the volume of Chanel waterproof mascara: £ 30,
  • Best for every day – The Body Shop lash sport waterproof mascara: £ 11,

Bobbi Brown Stain Resistant Mascara

Better: Globally

Adding volume with just a few coats, this small but powerful mascara is well worth the splurge. The brush picks up an even layer of product without overloading it, and even when worn in the shower, it won’t budge. It’s a hot-weather essential if you can’t do without long, flowing lashes, as it didn’t disappoint, and we found it to be brilliantly buildable – it allowed you to add layer after layer without leave the eyelashes voluminous. Despite being the brand’s smallest mascara, with a compact 5.5ml tube, it lasted over six months to our review.

Byredo mascara rocks in the rain

Better: To lengthen

While independent perfume house Byredo is highly regarded for its pioneering unisex fragrances, in 2020 it dipped its toes into the world of makeup, slowly expanding its first collection to offer products for the face, eyelids, lips and more. the eyelashes. Don’t be put off by the thin, short wand with even shorter bristles – this is the best lengthening mascara we’ve tried. It instantly made us look wide awake and the brush was easy to navigate around the smaller hairs on the inner corner of our eyeliner. If you are shopping on a larger budget, it is well worth it. The formula is quite wet, so be sure to wait a few seconds before blinking or touching hair to avoid staining your fine work. A cotton ball soaked in eye makeup remover also removes it in seconds.

Lait Makeup Kush waterproof mascara

Better: To add volume

This has a pretty big and heavy tube with an oval shaped brush which we found worked best for adding volume and thickness to the lashes. The weight of the wand makes it sturdy to apply and the formula is vegan too. It is rich in oil derived from plants to nourish the eyelashes and we did not see any flaking or lumps. Not only that, it’s also easy to remove, so if you want the hold of a water-repellent mascara, but don’t want to spend hours removing it, this is a great option.

Maybelline Sensational Waterproof Mascara for Lashes

Better: To hold a loop

Maybelline offers many different mascaras that give luxury brands good value for money. The curved brush and fine bristles on the shaft allow it to easily follow the natural shape of your lashes, covering them evenly. As a result, you need less product for a dramatic, lump-free, deployed look. While it doesn’t thicken the hair, it does a great job of making the lashes look lifted and fluffy for just under a tenner.

Clinique Water Resistant Mascara

Better: For sensitive eyes

For defined and elongated lashes, Clinique’s mascara is unbeatable and is one of the brand’s most popular makeup products thanks to its hold. It did not smudge, smear, flake or crumble on a sweaty tube cart, while wearing a face cover or while drinking in the park in 25 ° C heat. Brush is full evenly spaced bristles, but not so crowded that it will leave you smudges of product on your lids, and the wand is easy to navigate around the corner of your inner lash to coat each hair without them looking lumpy. It’s not the easiest to remove, so we recommend using a cleansing balm or eye makeup remover to make sure everything is off before you hit the hay.

L’Oréal Paris air volume mega waterproof mascara

Better: For short eyelashes

One of the latest mascara launches from L’Oréal Paris, this product has a thick brush but small bristles, so it works quite well on short lashes. It is very light and even immediately after application you hardly feel like wearing it. The lashes are surprisingly soft throughout the day, instead of being spiky. The only downside is that the formula is quite wet, so be sure to let it dry completely before touching it to avoid smudging. It’s not as spectacular as the other mascaras we’ve tried, but it’s a great everyday staple.

Rimmel London scandaleyes volume-on-demand waterproof mascara

Better: Budget option

This chunky, hourglass-shaped wand works well for lengthening lash hairs at the outer corner of your eye, without leaving you with longer chunks in the middle of your lashes. It builds up well too, so you can layer as many layers as you want while still keeping the lashes separate and lump-free. Removal is a hassle-free process too – our regular cleansing balm was able to break it down in seconds, so we didn’t wake up with panda eyes.

Chanel the volume of Chanel waterproof mascara

Better: For weddings

If you’re looking to splurge, Chanel’s waterproof mascara is one of the best we’ve tried. He didn’t move an inch throughout the day, even during a facial or while wearing a face cover on the tube and in and out of stores. The tube is also neat and compact, which makes it easy to transport. It adds length, volume and thickness even to the most sparse lashes and has excellent hold. There were no lumps on our reviewer’s lashes and they remained flake free. Worth every penny.

The Body Shop Sports Lash Resistant Mascara

Better: For everyday

We loved the firm but short hairs on this wand, which meant parting the lashes was easy, despite applying multiple coats. It’s great for everyday use because it won’t give you that false lash effect, but it has more strength than a non-waterproof formula. And we had no excess product in front of our eyes after eight hours of wear. A solid option from The Body Shop, the formula is completely vegan and enriched with sustainably sourced Namibian marula oil.

The verdict: waterproof mascaras

Bobbi Brown smudge-free waterproof mascara, which gave us lashes with sufficient volume, thickness and drama, without smudging or clumping. Easy to layer with several layers without moving even after hours of wear, it has quickly become a daily essential in our makeup bag.

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