A Flemish research project studies the possibility of creating cosmetics based on vegetable raw materials



InCoCells is a project that seeks the possibility of creating cosmetics based on vegetable raw materials, produced and harvested in a high-tech way. It aims to give a new purpose to agricultural waste streams and to make animal testing unnecessary, and is supported by European funding.

According to the Flemish Infocenter for Agriculture and Horticulture (VILT), eleven different countries are involved in the four-year scientific research project, and in Belgium, Flanders will focus on research for innovative and high-quality cosmetic products. quality from plants. and plant cells.

“In the first phase of the research, we will try to map as many species and parts of plants as possible,” said research manager Alain Goossens at VILT. “We are looking for relevant ingredients and corresponding production methods. “

According to brusselstimes.com, researchers hope to find at least 50 new ingredients by testing for the presence of bioactive compounds with useful properties. “We will prioritize the needs of producers and consumers and ensure that these new cosmetic ingredients are fit for the market,” Goossens added.

Fruits, vegetables, and herbs are among the potential candidates for cosmetic ingredients: tomatoes, carrots, apples, basil, ginger, and lemon balm. They will also be interested in hops, licorice and geraniums.



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