Streamate – Cam Sex Made Easy

Streamate – Cam Sex Made Easy is a free self-help program designed to help men who are looking for more sexual intimacy in their sex lives. In this sex book, writer Leanne Bienstock and her husband Mike discuss the many reasons why men fail to achieve satisfying sex in relationships and give some suggestions for how to overcome those problems.

The program is organized around three areas of focus

The program is organized around three areas of focus

Relationship sexual satisfaction, learning about sex partners and controlling and getting over shyness. Each chapter has something to offer about one of these areas.

The first part of the program is devoted to discussing how to achieve male sexual stimulation without using condoms. Streamate – Cam Sex Made Easy provides detailed information on the use of a hand crank massager. The information helps men learn how to get in the mood and stimulate themselves without using a lubricant.

This technique is best used for men who are seeking to create an increased sensation in their genitals while avoiding any possible embarrassment. The cuddling, stroking motions of the massage can help men achieve that level of pleasure.

The second part of Streamate – Cam Sex Made Easy is devoted to explaining how to improve sexual communication with your partner.

What men tend to forget is that sexual stimulation takes place primarily through the body, which is where they feel most comfortable. Men need to communicate verbally and nonverbally with their partners to be able to reach orgasm.

Men need to remember that women reach orgasm even with words

Men need to remember that women reach orgasm even with words

And that sexual arousal is the result of brain chemistry. When men talk to their partners, they allow their brain to reprogram itself and re-adjust to the signals. Having a constant source of language for communication also keeps a man emotionally in control.

One thing that Streamate – Cam Sex Made Easy provides in this area is an opportunity to learn how to build sexual confidence by reading about some of the most famous, successful sexual personalities in history.

These include John C. Maxwell, Carl Jung, Albert Einstein, Bill Cosby, Winston Churchill, H.G. Wells, Cleopatra, Emily Dickinson, Lizzy Caplan, Napoleon Bonaparte, and D.H. Lawrence.

These people all suffered from shyness, and it shows in their writing, in their love letters, and in their steamy sex scenes. As a result, these men never achieved the fulfillment of their sexual needs, until they learned how to reach out to their partners, speak to them in their own language, and let their bodies speak for them.

In this regard, Streamate – Cam Sex Made Easy makes the positive suggestion that men and women can reach orgasm through words, even though they might prefer the tactile or the visual.

Lastly, the program offers suggestions on how to spice up steamy scenes. Topics such as setting up a romantic candlelit dinner, or going out for a night on the town can become highly erotic. The emphasis is on creating a warm, sensual atmosphere, rather than touching or being touched.

Again, by using the language of sex and intimacy, rather than having intercourse with them, these ideas can heighten the enjoyment of hot and steamy scenes. Even if you are not interested in learning how to do things sexually, you will still be able to feel what the author is talking about.

There are a lot of material tips in the program

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But what is surprising is that this book comes to a highly affordable price. Between the fact that the program was written by the authors, and the fact that the publisher has made some very generous sales offer to the authors, Streamate – Cam Sex Made Easy is an extremely inexpensive book. You are sure to find this program to be well worth the price of admission.

You will find that the information is fairly straightforward, yet easy to understand. If you are interested in having more sex or getting your partner to enjoy your new positions and kinks, then Streamate – Cam Sex Made Easy is definitely the book for you.

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